Service Dogs For Patriots

Cooperative Training


Marine Veteran Zach has his Service Dog in Training, Damon, in a position called Cover.  This position allows Zach to pay attention to what's in front of him while Damon covers his back.  Damon will stand up when someone approaches Zach.  


Navy Veteran Chris has his Service Dog in Training, Remington, in a Down Stay under a table.  This process teaches Remi where she should be when Chris is eating at a restaurant.  She'll learn that this position is called Under and it will become automatic.  


Army Veteran Dale is teaching his Service Dog, Sarge, to Brace when Dale needs physical assistance.  Sarge is mainly a PTSD Service Dog, but was trained to assist Dale in getting up when he needs help after falling.  


Navy Veteran Jimmy has his Service Dog Cody in a position called Six.  This position puts a service dog facing the opposite direction of his veteran, facing the veteran's "six".  In this case, Jimmy's back was open, so Cody watched his Six so he could have dinner with his family.  


Service Dog Scout is at the grocery store with Navy Veteran Felicia.  Scout is keeping an eye on Felicia's back, or her "six" and will alert her when someone approaches.  This task treats hypervigilance, a debilitating symptom of  PTSD that makes veterans hyper-aware and sensitive to sights and sounds in their environment.  


Service Dog Liberty is in a position called Six.  This position allows her to see everything behind her handler, Army Veteran Chuck, while he's in a crowd.  Very often, veterans avoid crowds because of the unpredictability involved.  Hypervigilance causes veterans to be hyper aware and sensitive to sights and sounds, making crowds nearly impossible to navigate.